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Mombasa, the second largest municipality in Kenya with a population of roughly 670,000, lies four degrees south of the equator on the western flank of the Indian Ocean. Its climate is tropical, marked with high humidity, high temperature, strong ocean winds, and the intense brilliance of the midday sun that glares off lime-whitewashed stone houses. Mombasa consists of a small island, three miles long and 5.5 square miles in area, connected to the mainland by bridges and ferries. Mombasa's coastline is sheltered by a coral reef running parallel to the shore about one mile out from the high-water mark. Beaches of fine sand and gentle slope provide ideal sites for a rapidly developing hotel and cottage resort industry. Most of Mombasa sits on loose, sandy soil, but the eastern part stands on a porous coral base. Local building materials include coral, mud, wattle, thatch, and stones.


For centuries, Mombasa served as a vibrant trading center. Swahili merchants served as middlemen, exporting products from the East African interior in exchange for goods purchased from Indian Ocean merchant ships. Especially during the 19th century, Swahili caravans traveled far into the interior in search of slaves and ivory, and some of these traders established inland trading posts.

Modern shipping has taken over the long-distance ocean trade routes once traveled by dhows, the Swahili's wooden sailing vessels. Cities such as Mogadishu and Mombasa, now major industrial ports, have attracted many migrants from the East African interior. Swahili now contains many English words and has become the lingua franca of much of East Africa, spoken by more than 130 million people.

Cottages in Diani
  • Maweni beach cottages
  • Warandale Cottages
  • Wonder paradise beach houses
  • Kijiji Cottages
  • Kanini's Island Cottages
  • Diani Beachalets
  • Nomad Beach Cottages
Others Hotels Include:
  • Chale Island
  • Lepaord Beach Hotel
  • Diani Grand Reef Hotel
  • Neptune Village
  • Southern Palms Beach resort
  • Pine wood village beach resort
  • Leisure lodge - golf hotel
Voyager Beach Resortvoyager_beach_resort
  • 233 rooms
  • 3 reastaurants and bars
  • Coffee shop
  • Swimming pool and fitness centre
  • 15kms from airport
  • 7kms from Mombasa
Mombasa Continental Resort (Shanzu)mombasa_continental
  • 184 rooms
  • 3 reastaurants and 6 bars
  • Swimming pool
  • Conference and business centre
  • night club, live bands and casino
  • 19 Kms from Mombasa
Sun 'n' Sand Beach Hotel ( Kikambala) sunandsand
  • 289 rooms
  • 5 reastaurants and 4 bars
  • 3 swimming pools
  • Conference and business centre
  • 28 Kms from Mombasa
Mombasa Serena Beach Hotelmombasaserena
  • 166 rooms
  • 3 restaurants and 4 bars
  • Swimming pool
  • Conference & business centre
  • Water sports
  • 20kms from Mombasa
Sarova Whitesands Resort ( Bamburi)whitesands
  • 340 rooms and suites
  • Set in 22 acres of tropical gardens
  • 5 reastaurants and 3 bars
  • 5 swimming pools
  • Conference and business facilities
  • Water sports centre
  • 11kms from Mombasa
Reef Hotel (Nyali)reefhotel
  • 151 sea-facing rooms
  • 2 restaurants and 3 bars
  • Health club and 3 swimming pools
  • Conferenceannd business facilities
  • Watersports Centre
  • 8kms from Mombasa
Nyali Beach Hotel (Nyali)nyalibeach
  • 221 rooms
  • 6 reastaurants and bars
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Conference and business centre
  • Water sports centre and casino
  • 10kms From Mombasa
Diani: Indian Ocean Beach Club (Diani)indianOceanBeachHotel
  • 100 rooms
  • 3 reastaurants and 3 bars
  • Swimming pool
  • Water sports centre
  • 35Kms from Mombasa
Safari Beach Hotel (Diani)
  • 214 rooms
  • 5 reastaurants and 5 bars
  • 2 swimming pools and watersports
  • 35 Kms from Mombasa
  • 45Kms from airport
Jadini Beach Hotel (Diani)
  • 172 sea-facing rooms
  • 35Kms from Mombasa
  • 4reastaurants and 3 bars
  • Swimming pool and watersports
  • Shopping arcade
  • 45kms From Mombasa
Others include:
  • Royal Reserve Safari and Beach Club
  • Plaza Beach Hotel
  • Tamarind village and apartments

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