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 The Tours below can be booked even by single persons on the specific date and timings, we shall honor your booking. Available Join-in Group Tours in Nairobi.  


23 Aug - 6am - Nairobi National park Tour Morning 

24 Aug - 6am - Nairobi National Park Tour Morning 

25 Aug - 2pm -  Nairobi National Park Tour Afternoon 

26 Aug - 6am - Nairobi National Park Tour Morning 

30 Aug - 10am - Elephants and Giraffe Tour 

30 Aug - 6am - Nairobi National park and Elephants Tour 

30 Aug - 6am - Nairobi National park, elephants and Giraffe Tour 

31 Aug - 6am - Nairobi National Park Tour and Elephants 



02 Sep - 6am - Nairobi National park and Elephants 

06-07 September - 7am -Amboseli Safari 2 Days Trip 

07 Sep - 6am  - Nairobi National Park Tour Morning 

12 Sep - 10am - Elephants and Giraffe Tour 

18 Sep - 6am - National Park Tour, Elephants and Giraffe Tour 

19 Sep - 6am - Nairobi National Park Tour Morning 

23 Sep - 6am - Nairobi National park Tour Morning 

24 Sep - 6am - Nairobi National Park tour and Elephants 



01 Oct - 5am - Full Day Tour to Amboseli National Park - Mt Kilimanjaro

03 Oct - 10am - Elephants and Giraffe Tour 

10 -11 Oct  - 6am - Kenya safari 2 Days to Amboseli National Park 

12 Oct - 10am - Elephants and Giraffe Tour 

26 Oct - 7am - Dolphin Tour from diani beach 

28 Oct - 10am - Elephants and Giraffe Tour 



02 November -9am - Nairobi City Tour 

17 November  - 5am - Amboseli Day trip 

17 November - 6am - Nairobi National Park, Elephants and Giraffe 

18 November - 6am - Nairobi National Park, Elephants and Giraffe 

25 November - 6am - Nairobi National Park, Elephants and Giraffe 

25 November - 2pm - Nairobi National Park Tour Afternoon 



7-8 December - 7am - Amboseli Safari 2 Days 

31/Dec/19 -01 Jan,/20 8am - Amboseli Safaris 3 days 


All Costs are per person      Ask a Question? 

About Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya


Our Mission:

To be the leading tour and safari operator both in quality, serenity and conservation through self and partnering with our customers to develop the green areas in Kenya and protect our diversified cultures.

Our Vision:

To inspire people both locally and internationally in exploring our country (Kenya and the world) and experience first hand the environment and wildlife so that they may have good intents to preserve them for future generations this will increase revenue and value for investment to our shareholders.

More information 

Safari means ‘journey’ in Kishwahili. Though to eager visitor’s flocking the Kenya National parks, it means much more. From inspiring visions of wildebeests fording ranging rivers, and lions stalking their heedless prey through the savannah grass, to iridescent flamingos linings a salty shore at sunset, and the guilty thrill of watching vultures tear flesh and hyenas crunch through bone, a safari into the wild is untamed Africa at its finest.

Compared to other countries on the continent, Kenya is not always the cheapest destinations of safaris. However, with its huge diversity of natural attractions,  its undeniably one of the most appealing. The well-developed travel industry also allows access to even the most remotes places with minimum effort. The biggest problem you’re likely to face is simple choosing a trip, and the hardest thing you’ll have to do is return to so-called civilisation afterwards.

With that said Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya is one of the tour companies vying for tourists to show around. The Kenya Safari industry has become highly competitive, and caters to penny-pinching shoe stringers, posh jet-setters and just about everyone in between.


Ministry of Tourism class A(14),C(3) and B(4) only of the first schedule: Tour Operator and Hotel Booking office.

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Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO): Member No. 377

Our Main Aim:

To Provide, equip and educate our clients with first hand information and knowledge of tourism products concurrently with quality services that are effective, efficient and reliable, thus promoting the face of tourism status to Kenyan Citizens and the World people which eventually leads to growth of the social economic status of the company, the staff, suppliers and the community.


We have well experience staff that have been in the industry for over 10years and have worked in various international companies. During the low season the staff travel on familiarization trips to local destination to update themselves on products offered.

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Many travellers prefer to get all the hard work done before they arrive in Kenya by booking from abroad, through safari companies. This fairly common practise also ensures that you’ll be able to secure a spot at the more famous lodges, especially during peak seasons when places start filling up months in advance

Cruzeiro Safaris will in most cases offer quotes that include park entry fees, the cost of accommodation, transport costs from the starting base to the park and the costs for fuel and driver / guide for wildlife drivers. However, this varies enough that it’s essential to clarify before paying.

Driver / Guides: Have wide knowledge of the flora and fauna of this great country and have undergone tourism courses. They also have Certificate of good conduct from the Security Ministry of the Government and Personal tourism license from the Ministry of Tourism.

Type of Vehicles We  Use: 

Airport Transfers : Either Compact or Saloon Types

 Toyota Nairobi  - Airport Transfers

Safari Minbuses:

 Vehicles for Safari  - Safari

Short Excursions and Airport Transfers: 

vehiclecruzeiro , category2 - Kenya

nairobi airport transfers  - saloon.vehicles


Safari Land Cruisers : 


 Vehicle Safarilandcruiser - 4 Wdrives

 When to Visit  Kenya 

Wildlife can be seen at all times of the year, but the migration patterns of the big herbivores (which in turn attract bug predators) are likely to be a major factor in deciding when to come.

From July to October, huge heard of wildebeest and zebras cross form Serengeti tin Tanzania to th4e Masai Mara and Amboseli also receives huge herds at this time. This is probably prime viewing time as the land is parched, the vegetation had died back and th4e animals are obliged to come drink at the ever shrinking waterholes. The long rains (from March to June) and short rains (from October to November) transform the national park into lush carpet of greenery. It’s very scenic, but it does not provide much cover for the wildlife to hide behind and the raging can turn the tracks into impassable mush.

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